How We Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Affordable

The cost of orthodontic treatment will vary depending on your individual preferences or needs and the jointly determined final treatment plan that best suits you or your child’s needs.

Dr. Chang and his staff will then discuss with you the cost of your treatment, with many added benefits included free, and our available interest free payment plan options, so that you are able to make the best choice for you or your child’s smile.

These interest free payment plans comprise of an initial down-payment and monthly installments up to 24 months, depending on the length of your treatment. Our initial down-payments are among the easiest on your budget, to allow you to get started on your orthodontic treatment sooner. Our average comprehensive braces plan has monthly installments which are equivalent to $9 per day.

Peace of mind with the additional security that most of our orthodontic treatment plans now include 2 sets of orthodontic retainers, in case you accidentally misplace the 1st set.  With many orthodontists now advocating long-term retainer wear, retainers are key to ensuring your teeth remain straight after orthodontic treatment.

If you can provide us a monthly budget range that you feel comfortable with, we can work with you to help create a payment plan that fits this, and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment.

Your smile is yours forever, your child’s smile is theirs forever. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic care or to provide the best orthodontic care for your child, and we would like to be able to address your financial concerns to your satisfaction.

If you have or are considering private dental insurance, please see this post on our blog. You may also want to check out this website of comparison health funds.

No Health Fund?

No Private Health Fund?

This section below has been compiled for the benefit of new prospective patients and has been formulated after taking into consideration the feedback from many of our existing patients. In here, I would like to pass on the benefit of this insight to all prospective new patients to help you save money.

Firstly be aware of your private health fund policy commencement date for claims to be eligible. From the general feedback, most health funds have a 12 month waiting period before orthodontic claims can be made. In addition, the amount that you can claim for orthodontic treatment increases for each year that you have been a member, for which you have NOT made a claim on for orthodontic treatment.

Most health funds would pay an initial lump sum, then a maximum amount every calender year (some health funds have this as a financial year, so please check the fine print), usually up to 3 years. This lump sum payout is mostly determined based upon the day the orthodontic appliances are fitted, so please ensure your health fund eligibility BEFORE commencing fitting of orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic records, which are taken prior to fitting of any appliance, can be partly claimed back from your health fund if you have BASIC dental cover, even if you do not have any MAJOR DENTAL, orthodontic or braces cover.


What do some of our patients say about health funds?

Several patients have informed us that if you have several members of your family who will benefit from orthodontic treatment, the numbers may then add up to make the additional health fund premium a viable option. Please assess your own financial circumstances or consult professional advice to see if this is a viable option.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as a general guide and does not take into consideration your specific circumstances. Please contact your health fund and accountant for more information on how it can benefit you.

Health Fund Questions

How much can I claim from my health insurance?

To understand this, you need to first understand how most health funds pay out insurance benefits for orthodontic treatment. Most health funds pay an initial lump sum, followed by a maximum limit every calender year until the LIFETIME limit per health fund member is exhausted.

What we can provide for you AFTER your initial consultation are the relevant insurance codes for you to contact your health fund to determine your health fund rebates and how they will pay this.

HICAPS is not available yet for specialist orthodontists. Generally, what this means is that you will need to make the full payment for the invoiced amount when due, then take the receipt to your health fund, who will pay you the expected rebate back.

How can I maximise my insurance benefits? The 4 questions you MUST ask your health fund BEFORE fitting of braces or any orthodontic appliances?

  1. When does my orthodontic cover commence?
  2. What is the maximum lifetime cover per person?
  3. What is the maximum benefit payable per year?
  4. Over how many years would this be paid? Is this based on per calender year or per financial year?

Please have all the above information ready so our friendly reception staff can work with you and your family to maximise your insurance benefits and fit within your budget requirements.

Disclaimer: Please seek out your own independent advice. This is intended as a guide and does not take into consideration your specific circumstances.

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