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Tips for Driving Safely When Winter Weather Strikes

S pirit West Motor Carriage Auto Repair is all too familiar with the increased risks for automobile accidents during the winter months in St. Louis, MO. Motorists are reminded of the increased hazardous driving conditions with media reports and MoDOT’s highway signage efforts that stretch along more than 32,000 miles of highways throughout our great “Show Me” state.

What can you do to prepare yourself and the safety of your loved ones as we face the frigid winter weather ahead?

Inspect Your Vehicle: Make sure that your car’s battery is in proper working order, antifreeze is full, and that your vehicle’s exhaust system is in proper working order to insure the car’s oil can withstand the extreme cold temperatures.

Avoid Driving: When possible, stay off the roadways during inclement weather. Ice and snow are no match for any vehicle.

First Aid/Emergency Roadside Assistance Kits: Keep a first aid or emergency roadside assistance kit inside your vehicle that includes a flashlight, jumper cables, and extra batteries. Some may even go so far as including food and blankets in the event you are traveling in remote areas and may be stranded for some time.

Get Out of the Way: Always obey the speed limit and reduce speed when driving through ice and snow. By adjusting your speed to the current weather conditions, you are decreasing your chances of serious injury if involved in an accident. Also, remember to give snowplows plenty of room.

Gas: Always keep your gas tank at least half full.

Snow and ice layering the St. Louis roadways can prove to be difficult to even the most seasoned driver. Spirit West Motor Carriage Auto Repair urges drivers to be cautious when driving under extreme weather conditions.

If you find yourself in need of service or auto collision repair services in the St. Louis, MO area, look no further.

Give us a call today to see how we can get your car back into shape and back on the road…SAFELY!

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