MCPCBs for LED Thermal Management


  • Heat Dissipation
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Dimensional Stability

The MCPCB commonly consists of a metal core layer (typically aluminum or copper), a continuous dielectric layer and a copper circuit layer. Protecting electronic components by removing heat, metal base boards feature a thermally conductive dielectric layer connecting IC’s to the heatsink.
Sample Metal Boards

LED Lighting (general, automotive, and backlighting) to include high-current and spotlight, Electric Vehicles, Alternative Energy to include Solar applications, High Density Power Conversion, Motor Control, DC-DC Converters and Flat Panel Displays. Automotive applications include power regulators and controllers, exchange converters, optical systems. Industrial Power applications includes high-power transistors, arrays, solid-state relays.
LED PCB Solutions

Sample Metal Boards
Click the image below for LED sample boards and board specifications.