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Mr. Sutariya spearheaded the efforts to build a world class hospital in a rural area of India serving 450 villages and millions of travelers on the adjacent highway where there was no previous immediate access to medical or dental care. He built a hospital which was completed in March 2006 and now caters to anyone free of charge inclusive of medications regardless of the ailment. The hospital is fully staffed with surgeons, etc. whom all have living quarters on site. They have the latest state of the art medical diagnostic and testing equipment. This effort was funded by Mr. Sutariya and his generous donors. This Hospital has had a tremendous impact on humanity and has saved many lives.

Mr. Sutariya’s oldest son Ramesh Sutariya was a Medical Doctor in the United States who was tragically murdered in January of 2000. Mr. Sutariya wanted to create a legacy for his son that exemplified what he stood for and believed in and that is to provide medical care to anyone regardless of social or financial status, but rather as a human right.

Mr. Sutariya’s efforts have created a self sufficient hospital in a rural part of India that has given those in the villages in India who previously had poor or no access to even the most basic medical care, the essential medical care that was gravely needed. This has resulted in the saving of many lives.

Being recognized may inspire others to build similar facilities in rural areas throughout the world all while being self sufficient resulting in long term medical care providers for the impoverished and less fortunate.
Mr. Sutariya immigrated to the US in 1969 and has accomplished the American Dream for himself and his family all while helping hundreds of others along the way. Coming from humble beginnings Mr. Sutariya has worked tirelessly in building one of the largest domestic circuit board manufacturing facilities in North America. He has helped many others start business of their own in an effort to help them fulfill their own American dream.