What separates SEC from other PCB Fabricators and Brokers?

Quality Fabricator
SEC’s commitment to quality extends to our technology, pricing, flexibility, and lean manufacturing. We are always conscious of our role in the PCB supply chain.
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Diversified Supplier
The collapse of 2001 propelled 50% of domestic bare manufacturers to either turn strictly to brokering, or to harvesting a once prosperous business—even all-out disappearing. Saturn Electronics Corporation opted for none of these solutions (brokering through offshore accounts makes up less than 20% of our business). Rather, Saturn utilized our strict adherence to automotive quality standards and began an impressive reinvestment program that we have maintained since 2014.

Industries Served
Furthermore, we diversified our industries served–to now include Aerospace and Defense, Medical, Industrial Controls by expanding our advanced technologies for printed circuit boards. In addition, SEC has reinvested $5 million back into our 100,000 sq-ft domestic facility located in Metro Detroit—strategically located less than two minutes from Metro Airport– to better address delivery capabilities.

Trusted Adviser
SEC has been at the forefront of the transition to lead free manufacturing and LED thermal management within the PCB Industry. We maintain our PCB Technology Hub to ensure that the industry has the latest information available.

Lead Free / RoHS
SEC’s Lead Free Cost Reduction webinar was well-received with the PCB Supply Chain as it crossed numerous disciplines throughout the PCB industry. Originally intended as an education symposium for our immediate client base, word soon spread and everyone from OEM’s to DFM’s to EMS providers we’re registering for the symposium that promised to educate participants on how to control the entire PCB manufacturing process.

MCPCBs for LED Thermal Management
The LED Thermal Management educational series proved to be an even bigger success as our Engineers was in constant demand to present at industry shows as well as pen technical articles for various industry-related magazines. In addition, we recruited thermal management guru Clemens Lasance for the 2009 LED PCB webinar and continued working with the electronic cooling expert on subsequent presentations, white papers and thermal resistance calculator.

Niche Capabilities
SEC offers niche PCB capabilities such as MCPCBs for LED Thermal Management, PTFE for RF-Microwave Applications, and Heavy Copper Printed Circuits.